Functional Programming with IOT (FIOT) – Day 4

So here is the working code, which is suppose to talk to StandardFirmata in the ESP8266 and blink an LED. The code compiles properly and runs without any issues. But i don’t see any LED blinking.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 13.47.22

Another approach i took was to verify if StandardFirmata is working. I used the Binary file from the project firmata-test and gave it the port my device was connected on. I got a completely blank UI as you can see in the screenshot which suggests there is some problem with the StandardFirmata. It may be incompatible with the type of hardware i am using for this test.


I also have ESP-12 handy, so the next test would be just to verify if StandardFirmata has compatibility issues with the ESP series. But also there is some good news, its about another way of compiling Clojure into binary, it needs more discussion so i will go in detail in the upcoming posts.

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