Functional Programming with IOT (FIOT) – Day 9 and 10

I started with a sketch for programming ESP-01 because it was quick and easy way to explore the Frtizing software.

Fritzing Software Screenshot
Fritzing Software Screenshot

I really thought it was a simulator and it would make my life easier by just letting me work on my laptop until the whole project is complete. But i couldn’t find the “play” button. No wonder why. After some research i found their FAQs and the first question was “Does it simulate my circuit?”

“Does Fritzing simulate my circuit? (a.k.a. Where is the play button?)No, sorry. We don’t think that the advantage of having a simulation is worth the effort. Hardware is very difficult to simulate and it would also complicate the usage of Fritzing. Also, we think that it is important that you get hands on with the real stuff, and that you should try out your circuits physically. We will however add some simple checks in the future, to help you avoid common mistakes. For a more complete discussion, see, particularly the comment from Brendan Howell.”

This is why we should read about the software first before overthinking its benefits. Now, i am back to where i was before my last post which was about making firmata work with ESP-01/ESP-12.

I did some more research on this topic and found many useful links. After reading the solutions offered by other engineers, i have come up with my own which i will discuss in my next post.

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