Functional Programming with IOT (FIOT) – Day 11

Today, i am going to start with a fresh mind-set and i am going to reiterate some of the things just to make sure i am going in the right direction.

I started with the basic sanity tests.

Test # 1 : Hardware 
So i have ESP-01, i have just verified that i haven’t burnt the IC yet by uploading the blinking example.

Test # 2 : Code
I went to Firmata Github and cloned the latest version of the code in my Arduino. For those who are not aware of how to do it the steps are listed in the readme of the linked github also i am copy/pasting them here:

  • Navigate to the Arduino application
  • Right click on the application icon and select Show Package Contents
  • Navigate to: /Contents/Resources/Java/libraries/ and replace the existing Firmata folder with latest Firmata release (note there is a different download for Arduino 1.0.x vs 1.6.x)
  • Restart the Arduino application and the latest version of Firmata will be available.

while reading through the code i saw the following note which suggests that we cannot use Serial.print() with ESP-01 which means it is hard to debug on ESP-01

Note: “The blue LED on the ESP-01 module is connected to GPIO1(which is also the TXD pin; so we cannot use Serial.print() at the same time)”

Test # 3 : Upload
To test the code is uploaded properly, i uploaded the blinking example first so that i can see the internal LED blinking and then uploaded the StandardFirmataWifi version that stopped the blinking.

Test # 4: Firmata Test
I used the same firmata test program that i used in my previous test to check if Firmata is loaded properly on the ESP-01. But again there were no buttons even though i had selected the correct port.

Looking at all those test results, i believe that Firmata Test Program is expecting ESP-01 to operate on a certain baud rate and it is not able to meet its requirements so TX and RX rate is very low and therefore no buttons are loading. But this is a hypothesis which i still need to test. So that will be my Test 5.

Next post will be about this test 5. Stay tuned !


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