Functional Programming with IOT – Chapter 2 : Controlling multiple ESP-01

In my previous blog posts, i was verifying the theory of using a functional programming language like Clojure with a very well-known IOT module ESP8266. It was a great success and we can see that we can now control that module’s GPIO pins by sending HIGH and LOW signals.

Now begins the next chapter. In this chapter we shall explore how we can control multiple of them. I would be asking myself questions like is it possible to control them synchronously and asynchronously? Can i use Clojure pipelines ? How about using Kafka ?

Traditionally, MQTT brokers are used for controlling multiple IOT modules. You can read more about using them on Intel’s blog post Using Intel® Edison: Securely Connect IoT Sensor to the Internet with MQTT. This is a widely supported protocol and therefore you don’t have to setup these brokers yourself, you can simply use Amazon’s MQTT Message Broker.

My next steps are basically using that and understanding how they fit with Clojure and Firmata.

I have a speech at Lamda Lounge where i would be demonstrating my findings LIVE. You can also follow this blog to see updates.

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