Using \addbibresource or \biblography with Texmaker

Using the default quick build option of the Texmaker did not work for me. So i had to run the `biber` command separately before i could \cite the reference from the bibresource.

So here is what i did,

Go to user -> user commands and choose Edit User Command.

We will create two commands here; 1. Biber, 2. Compiling.

So click on Command 1 and enter the Menu Item “Biber” and Command “biber %”

Now click on Command 2 and enter the Menu Item “Compiling” and from the wizard select Pdflatex which will automatically generate something like this for the command

"pdflatex" -synctex=1 -interaction=nonstopmode %.tex

Now you can see these commands in the drop down build menu:

Before doing a quick build you will need to run these two commands and it will automatically pick up the reference where you have done the citation.

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